Brexit is an almighty mess. Second referendum can provide remedy

Brexit is ruining Britain. This should be unacceptable and something must change, fundamentally. Apart from wishful thinking of some hardliners, the rest of the sane world can see what damage is being caused.

Experts agree that Britain is in the middle of a quite unprecedented crisis. The country is facing not merely major disruption if and when it leaves, especially in case of no deal. What is potentially far worse are years or decades of decline, which unfortunately seems almost inevitable.

In a globalised world of big economic players, Brexit Britain will follow rules, not make them. Moreover, rampant populism means there will be no historical allies and special relationships.

At the very least, the full impact of Brexit was not fully or properly understood in 2016. The promised outcome and the hard reality are poles apart. This is why a second referendum, while not perfect, is a decent, reasonable and democratic solution.

Drazen Simic

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