Welcome to Politalks

Politalks is the name given to the periodical meeting sessions of the Barcelona Forum for Politics and Society (https://bfpls.org).

The main objective of this group is to inform and educate ourselves and others on the political landscape we, as citizens of Europe and the world at large, are navigating in such eventful times.

How we do this comes in many forms:

1/ We discuss the current political events that influence the society we live in.

2/ We discuss social phenomena (grassroots, media, art, culture etc.) that influence these political events.

3/We publish our conclusions and relevant data to https://bfpls.org as a means of public access, information, record keeping and discussion.

We aim to inspire discussion and reflection of ideas. We intend to take to our discussions an openness to and acceptance of reason and facts and a philosophy of equality, respect. We are willing to disucss any idea that does not compromise this underlying philosophy.

Our founding is based on an eagerness to learn, spread factual information and encourage discussion amongst ourselves and our peers.

Each of our meetings is centred around an agenda, with specific issues to be addressed; also with an opportunity for discussion on these issues, as well as an open forum for encouraging discussion of other ideas, movements, events and issues as we become familiar with them.


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